The Rob and Melani Walton Foundation strives to provide catalyzing and supporting grants to those who want to build integrated solutions that elevate people, planet, and purpose in life.

Whether nonprofit philanthropy or for-profit social ventures, the foundation’s most successful partnerships are with those who collaborate, think creatively, and look for efficiencies that spur greater impact.

These impact stories demonstrate the ability of the foundation’s partners to work across the boundaries of institutions and silos. They are fluid thinkers and concrete doers who know the importance of getting the details right. They are drivers of change and part of a network that is not content with the status quo, using unconventional approaches that bring life to what is possible.

  • Advancing

    The foundation’s north star is to acquire knowledge in all forms that enables people to develop meaningful and comprehensive solutions.

  • Promoting

    The foundation partners with organizations increasing access to better methods of healing, from meditation to music to multi-dimensional medicine.

  • Increasing

    The foundation collaborates with experts in sustainability, supporting new energy technology, conservation of land and water resources, and healing the environment to sustain humanity.

Partner Stories