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The Rob and Melani Walton Foundation (RMWF) pursues approaches to healing that fuse science with creativity to solve seemingly intractable problems. That’s why RMWF partnered with Barrow Neurological Institute to create the Rob and Melani Walton Outpatient Neuro-Rehabilitation Gym.

Brain and spinal cord conditions and injuries hinder individuals from pursuing balanced and purposeful lives. Neuro-rehabilitation provides the medical support and assistance to help them attain normal function and independence. Access to this treatment means the difference for an individual with paralysis between coping with immobility and learning to walk again, or for a brain-injury patient between being unable to talk and regaining speech. The results of the treatment and healing provided at Barrow positively impact the lives of not only the patients, but the well-being of their families, loved ones, and caregivers as well.

Specialists in the Rob and Melani Walton Outpatient Neuro-Rehabilitation Gym at Barrow Neurological Institute help a patient walk using the exoskeleton, a state-of-the-art rehabilitative device (Photo/Barrow Neurological Foundation)

Serving more than 1,400 patients per year, the Walton Outpatient Neuro-Rehabilitation Gym is able to provide cutting-edge care to those in need, helping them not just live but flourish. Through the collaboration with Barrow Neurological Institute, RMWF hopes to transform the landscape of neurological healing and harness the potential of the mind to improve medical outcomes. To date, the gym has reached more than 13,000 unique patients and their families through therapy visits.

Joint endeavors in the past in partnership with the Arizona Science Center have included summer camp programming where young campers have the opportunity to learn from the scientists and neurosurgeons at Barrow while also conducting hands-on lab work.

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