Bring life to possibility.

Make it matter.

The mission of the Rob and Melani Walton Foundation is to elevate people, planet, and purpose by changing what people feel is possible and know is doable.

Our partners start small, think creatively, and look for practical solutions that spur greater impact and deliver real value.

The foundation collaborates with fluid thinkers who are concrete doers—those who see the unseen, connect the unconnected, and wonder with their sleeves rolled up.

Our partners’ work defies categories, buckets, and silos.

The foundation seeks partners who focus on the essential and interconnected elements of sustaining life: advancing all forms of knowledge, promoting understanding of healing, and increasing the sustainability of people and our planet.

Our partners are national and international, for-profit and nonprofit.

What all of the foundation’s partners have in common is a drive to bring life to possibility and make it matter. Learn about their impact here.